Stormy Day: As told by Georgie

I woke up to a bright flash of light and loud rumbling noises. I don’t like that at all. My mama was too lazy to get up and take me downstairs, so I went in the bathroom and laid on the rug.

At least she brought me a blanket to sleep on in the closet. She’s good for something, I guess.

I didn’t hear any more loud bangs, but I stayed there just to be safe. That is, I stayed there until my daddy made me go to school. Can you believe it? On a stormy day? So rude.

But then, only a few hours later, daddy picked me up again! Thank goodness because a lot of my friends had already gone home. I also got to eat lunch, which was pretty exciting. A couple hours later, the loud booms and flashes of light started again!

Mama was still working in her office and she had “an important call”, whatever that means, but I went in her office anyway. I played with a toy for a while, but she kept signaling for me to stop. I’m not sure why. I was getting all of the stuffing out of the toy and tearing it it up. It was very fun and a great distraction from the scary storm.

And then, when I got sleepy, I took a nap under her desk.

We got a break for a while in the evening, but after dinner, it got loud and scary again. I went into mama’s “reading room” to sleep in my bed right next to her, but my sister was already on the bed. No one would move her for me, even though she was in my bed.

Fine, if no one will give me my bed, I’ll take mama’s chair. I knew if I gave her my best puppy dog “I’m scared of the storm” eyes, she’d let me sit in her chair.

And I was right.

At some point, after complaining many times that she “couldn’t feel her legs”–how silly, they were right there–mama got out of the chair, which was great because I was able to stretch out. She sat on the on the floor on a big blanket and moved all over, stretching her arms up and laying down and standing up. A lot of unnecessary work, in my humble opinion.

But then the loud noises got louder and I didn’t like being by myself. I wanted to cuddle on the bed, but again, Wanda wouldn’t move and mama wouldn’t move her. So I had to make it work however I could.

When Wanda finally went to bed, I was able to take my rightful place until the storm went away.

Needless to say, I am very tired from my rough day yesterday.

6 thoughts on “Stormy Day: As told by Georgie

  1. Aw! Such a cute, fun post! Dogs have it rough during storms! We used to have a yellow Lab who was an absolute mess during storms. Our current dog, a Cocker Spaniel, isn’t quite so afraid, but he still doesn’t like them. I enjoyed following along your dog’s point of view and seeing the pictures. 🙂 The one on the chair with you was so cute!

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