Wanda Squirrel

Mid summer, Casey started calling our old Puggle “Wanda Squirrel.” Totally random, out of nowhere, but it stuck.

And then, someone one, somewhere–I blame YouTube–taught him the “Baby Shark” song. You know… “Bay-beee shark, do, do, do do do, Bay-beee shark, do do do do do”.


I guess, between watching videos about smoking briskets and hunting turkeys someone snuck in a Baby Shark ad or something. (I will never forgive whoever did this).

Well, guess what?

It stuck, too.

Morning, noon, and night I hear “Waandaaa, squirrel, do, do, do do do” and then, because heaven forbid he be left out, “Georgie squirrel, do, do, do do do.”

And of course, he always makes sure it’s the last thing I hear before I go to bed.

It’s adorable and hilarious and annoying (as all get out) at the same time.

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