I love music. I cannot get through my day without it. I start my tunes as soon as I sit down at my desk and keep them going all day unless I have a call or a meeting.

Then after work I sometimes listen to it while I cook dinner or just before Casey gets home from work.

After dinner I listen while I read and I even while I do yoga. I listen to music until minutes before I go to bed.

And I have different playlists for each portion of my day.

Early morning: (tunes to distract me and chill me out)

  • On Spotify: Fiddle Tunes
    • Current Favorite Song: Calliope Meets Frank
  • On Spotify: French Mornings
    • Current Favorite Song: C’est Si Bon
  • On Pandora: (Shuffled Stations) Classical for Studying + Aly Bain + 2 Cellos Radio + The Piano Guys Radio + Yo Yo Ma
    • Current Favorite Song: Ashoken Farewell

Mid-late morning: (tunes to wake me up and get me moving)

  • On Spotify: Arab Pop (or my personally curated list)
    • Current Favorite Song: Alba Ya Alba and Ahwak
  • On Pandora: Soca Radio
    • Current Favorite Song: Mr. Fete and Dip & Roll

After Lunch: (depends on my mood)

  • On Pandora: Motown Radio
    • Current Favorite Song: Ha, I can’t choose just one!!!
  • On Apple Music: Spanish Playlist
    • Current Favorite Song: Ultima Vez (Julieta Venegas)

Evening: (depends on if I’m dancing, cooking, reading, or doing yoga)

  • Any of the above playlists OR a combo of the following
  • On Pandora: (Shuffle Stations) Keith Whitley Radio + Old School Country + Women of Country
    • Current Favorite Song: Paint me a Birmingham or Meet Me in Montana
  • On Spotify: Piano Yoga or Sunrise Yoga
  • On Apple Music: Curated Mellow Playlist (DMB, Dispatch, Mulligan Brothers, Mumford & Sons, Birdie, etc.)
    • Seek Up (DMB) or Rescue (Lauren Dagle) or Road that Leads Me Home (Mulligan Brothers)
  • On Apple Music: Hame Sweet Hame (fiddle music + classic Scottish bag pipes + jigs & reels for reading)
    • Mull of Kintyre and Scroll in the Woods

Honestly, it’s hard to choose favorites, hence why I say “current” favorite song, because that could change quickly. I just love music so much and I don’t listen to things I don’t like, thus I like most of it!!

Send music recs my way! My list is pretty diverse (and this doesn’t cover all of my playlists across all of the music streaming options), but I’m always happy to add to my list!

3 thoughts on “Playlist(s)

  1. It is fun to imagine you moving through your day, listening to this music. I now want to look up all these songs and playlists you’ve recommended. I often will play some sort of Putumayo mix in the morning for students. Music does make the day so much better!

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  2. Music lists are one of my favorite blog topics to read. I like to see if any of my favorites are on the list. I’m compiling a list of my top 100 personal favorite songs of all time. They are currently alphabetical because it’s hard to say which is number one, although once I listened to LA International Airport by Susan Raye a dozen times in a row and didn’t get tired of it.

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