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Wide Open

The next three weeks of my life are wide open. Wide. Freaking. Open.

We just got the news today that due to equity issues, we cannot expect students to do elearning; therefore, we are totally off the hook for the next three weeks.

On the one hand, WOW! How exciting to have three weeks of time open up before you, right?

On the other hand, WOW! What is the aftermath going to be like? What if we go on longer than three weeks (a distinct possibility)? What are my students going to do for the next three weeks?

I love being home, but I’m going to get lonely after about a week.

I plan to make a schedule for myself, but it’s still just weird. I can’t really go anywhere. I’ll still have to run to the grocery store here and there, but that’s pretty much it. I guess my house can get super deep cleaned in the next few weeks.

It’s just a lot to take in. It feels different than summer break. I don’t have the anticipation of school starting again, because I don’t know when it will or what we’ll be doing, but I know I have something to do. I don’t have trips planned (the one I did has been canceled), I don’t have breakfast or lunch dates with my friends, I don’t even have trips to the gym. I’m literally just going to be here. In my house. With my dogs. Doing…what exactly?

I see a lot of reading, writing, yoga-ing, walking, snuggling, eating (oops), and online shopping in my future. Uh oh.

Stay healthy, everyone!

10 thoughts on “Wide Open

  1. Tow more weeks were just added to our home time. We too were told there would be no content. What will happen to our instruction and even our salaries. I’m trying not to worry. Deep cleaning, I guess and reading and dog walking. Seems weird.


  2. I’m feeling the same way. We just received an e-mail tonight stating that on Thursday we would need to start putting together resources. But my resources would have to be non-digital because 4th grade and down do not take their laptops home. We are going to have to mail all of our stuff to them. But until then I plan on going on an adventure with Laura Ingalls along the shores of Silver Lake.

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  3. We are facing 5 weeks off but we are doing distance learning online which helps. I suggest puzzles and coloring or sudoku if you like any of those things. Also schedule FaceTime breakfast or lunch dates! Schedule will help a lot too! We can doooooo thiiiiisssss…I hope.

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  4. Our district just closed today and we will not be expecting remote learning due to equity issues as well. I’m going to try to see this time as an opportunity to prioritize what is important, appreciate the bounty in my life, and realize how interrelated we all are. Wishing you well!

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  5. I know what you mean! Good for your district for being aware of equity issues. It’s quite odd to suddenly have so much free time though, isn’t it? I have an extra week of spring break and then I’ll be transitioning to online teaching. So there will be work for me, but not nearly as much. I anticipate my days being much like yours. There are some online professional development opportunities I’m hoping to take advantage of. I’m really touched by the generosity of people to offer what they can teach online for free. (Notebook lessons with Amy Ludwig Vanderwater, drawing with Jarrett Krosockza, yoga with Erik Hinton…)

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  6. Thanks for sharing your honest thoughts. I’ve been feeling similarly- what am I am going to be doing? How will I fight boredom? How will I keep myself healthy and avoid overeating and spending too much on online shopping? But on the other hand, I have time for the things I’ve put off since last summer break.

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  7. I live alone, but knit and have a dog, Lucy. She gets me out of the house for walks, but mostly, I plan to knit a lot. I have a great yarn stash. And I am thinking about renewing an old craft – bookbinding. I took a class many years ago and think I need to revisit this craft.

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