[I can’t remember who used this lately, but I went back through my old posts and saw this one, so here we go again]

Reading: Four different books (I have a problem) Everything is Figureoutable by Marie Forleo, Teacher Wars by Dana Goldstein, The Accidental Beauty Queen by Teri Wilson, and Design for how People Learn by Julie Dirksen. I’ve read 12 books so far this year!

Watching: Nothing. Reruns of The Big Bang Theory. I’ve been reading too much to watch Netflix or Prime Video.

Eating: Everything. Haha! Just kidding. But lots of bread, that’s for sure. Wish I had some biscoff cookies to go with my tea…

Drinking: Lots of water and right this minute I’m drinking hot Tetley’s British Blend tea with milk and raw sugar.

Loving: The Teacher to Instructional Designer course from Ali Parrish. I have become convinced that this is what I want to pursue! (Interested? Let me know and I’ll share my link to the course!)

Appreciating: Some time, despite the crazy circumstances created by COVID 19, to work on my to do list, keep working on the course mentioned above, as well as clean my house, snuggle my pups, and read more books!

Wishing: We had some answers about our time out of school. Are we giving kids work or not? Do I need to be planning? What about the three days this week that we are open but kids won’t have unexcused absences if they are gone? What do I plan for those three days? What about the work we were doing? SO MANY QUESTIONS.

Planning: A road trip with a friend this summer in Michigan. Hopefully. I guess we’ll have to see how all of this health stuff plays out.

13 thoughts on “Currently

  1. I do like this format! I’m saving it for a rainy slicing day, whenever that is. (Who knows, it might be tomorrow!). I loved reading about your reading life. Same for me: I can only read one novel at a time, but I can basically be reading one of each type of book I read at the same time, so that’s easily 5-7 books going at once. The course you’re taking sounds fascinating–I’d love to learn more!

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  2. That whole “so many questions” part is what is driving me crazy. It seems to be changing daily. I’m an avid reader but you’re doing better than me. I did get some reading done this afternoon, but I’m re-reading a series.

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  3. I’ve seen this format before – but your slice has brought it back to the forefront. I admire that you can read so many books at once. That ability has escaped me. I’m a one book girl and a slow reader at that! I can read multiple professional books at once -but I attack those differently. Thanks for sharing – here’s to healthy all around.

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    1. I can only read multiple books if they’re different kinds of books. I cannot read four novels at the same time. But I can do a novel, professional, personal growth, and nonfiction like the list I shared in this post. Novels I fly through, the other kinds take some time, hence why I intersperse with other books (mostly bc I get kind of bored and just want to read novels constantly haha!)


  4. I have not seen this format, but I love it! I may try it soon. We are in uncertainty as well. How can we support our students remotely? That calls for some creative lessons for sure.

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  5. I totally love these kinds of lists. Someone posted a 5 Random Things list awhile back. I will be notebooking a list like this really soon. Thanks for sharing. BTW, as if you didn’t already know, you read a lot. I love it!!!

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  6. My husband asked me what will I do for three weeks. Like you, I don’t think I will have a problem filling the time! However, I don’t know how “productive” it will be! Be safe!

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  7. I, too, wish we could have definite time lines. However, we both know — from watching the news — that no one can predict any time lines. The CDC issued some guidance yesterday that schools should stay closed for eight weeks to “flatten the curve” so I’m banking on the fact that my daughter’s two weeks off from school will turn into two months. YIKES!

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