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Quarantine Routine

I’ve seen a lot of schedules for kids on IG and Facebook, and via text from some of my friends. I’m not quite that intense, so rather than making a schedule with times and such, I just made a “routine” of things I need to do every day.

Here is what it says:

  • Workout (videos)/Walk/Yoga: Boils down to JUST MOVE!!!
  • Clean something: I have a large list in the back of my notebook, which includes cleaning the blinds, baseboards, cabinets, clearing out the fridge, empty the junk drawers (yikes). You get the idea
  • Listen to a podcast: I LOVE the Newsworthy with Erica Mandy and I’m a little obsessed with some instructional design podcasts I’ve found recently.
  • Write a blog post (duh) and then after March, at least write in my journal.
  • Work on my Side Hustle Homework (I’m doing a mastermind group with Brittany Long from Life After Teaching)
  • Work on my Instructional Design class OR on my portfolio
  • READ!!! Duh. So many books, and for once, SO. MUCH. TIME!

So yeah, that’s my plan. Do those things every day (in any order). What are your plans?

8 thoughts on “Quarantine Routine

  1. You’re more organized than me. I spent my entire day reading. I’m re-reading the Little House on the Prairie series. I only have 2 books left. Then I’ll start re-reading Harry Potter.

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  2. Perfect! I’m not so much into a rigid schedule. I like your idea of the list of things that just need to be done during the day. Think I’ll try that tomorrow!

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  3. Love this idea! I sent my parents a simple schedule to use to help their kids kind of stay on somewhat of a normal routine. Good mix of academics, fun, and family. I need to do the same for me!

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  4. Glad to see that someone else includes “clean something” on their list. I have some many things to clean that “something” says it all. I also like “READ!!! Duh.” Although, on my list, the order is reversed! (Maybe that’s why my “clean something” list is so long!

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