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Sit, Stay, Good Boy (#SOL17 11/31)

Last Spring my husband and I lost our minds and decided we should get a new puppy–because our two older dogs were just not enough. (Insert eye-rolling emoji here).

So in June we found him through PetFinder.com.  He was too freaking cute and we had to have him.  I wrote about all of that here if you want to know more about it.

It didn’t take long to remember how much work a puppy is.  Although, I’m quite sure Kosmo and Wanda were nowhere near as much work as Georgie has been.  Maybe it was because we were younger and just didn’t really care, but either way, G-man has been quite a handful.

Now he is ten and a half months old and has become a much more tolerable baby.  He has graduated from two training classes at PetSmart and is now in the Advanced class.  He is super smart (which sometimes is a real pain in the arse), and he is incredibly active.

So active, in fact, that we have to take him to daycare most days of the week (at least when we’re not on Daylight Savings time).  He plays all day with his little doggie friends–Dominick, Blake, Pressley, Rocco–it’s so stinkin’ cute.  He comes home beyond tired (hallelujah!).

This morning in his advanced class, he showed off his Sit, stay, wait, and lay commands.  He has those down pat.  He can also hold a treat on his foot for quite some time and won’t eat his dinner until we tell him “Eat!”.  He can heel, and pass another dog (at least in training class) without crossing in front of me to check the other dog.

But he isn’t perfect.  We’re still working on come when called, chewing on things that aren’t food or toys, jumping on people, greeting people with an open mouth around their wrist.

He’s a work in progress, and I’m not going to lie, there were times when he was an itty bitty not-very-sweet baby that I thought “what have we done?!?!” but now I’m so happy we have this giant (he’s way bigger than we expected) addition to our family.

Now I am on the love seat with Georgie curled between my legs, Kosmo on the outside, and Wanda cuddled with Kosmo.  I love Saturdays.

Our sweet puppies napping together.

15 thoughts on “Sit, Stay, Good Boy (#SOL17 11/31)

  1. I couldn’t believe how big he is in those bottom pictures! I clicked through first to read about him as a puppy, and he was so tiny, I was expecting a small dog! But no. What an awesome pile of puppies! I do think most dogs are happiest with doggie companions, and this looks like a very happy group. My sweet pit is 13 and I am not looking forward to the work of a new dog, though I am sure we will get one. I think it would be very lonely not to have a dog! (Of course it will have to be a dog that can get along with 7 cats!!)

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  2. I work with a rescue and appreciate your willingness to persevere even when he drives you nuts. Lucy, my own rescue dog, spent most of her first two years locked in a bathroom because her people couldn’t be bothered to take the time. When he is an old man you will look back in his antics and laugh. Besides, we are all works in progress.


    1. Oh yes, all three of ours are rescues and we would never give them up or anything, but man he was a terror! Haha! He’s a sweet baby though and getting better everyday. 😁 Your poor Lucy! What is wrong with people?! Ugh. Glad she found you!


  3. I loved your slice about G-man and his older siblings! It is great the older dogs have an energetic little one to keep them busy! Do all three have to go on a leash when you take them out? I can’t imagine how you manage going for a walk with all of them by yourself. My dogs are 8 and they still jump on us! I have no clue how to get them to stop. I usually have my hands full with teacher bag, computer and lunch bag so when one of them jumps something falls! Thanks for sharing your slice about your furry friends!

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  4. Ahhh… puppies are so much work. We have one dog right now but are looking at adding another. Everytime I think I am ready- I think back to those puppy days!


  5. Ah, the allure of the third (insert dog, child, glass of wine…), hahaha! I love your testimony. And I love the pictures of your pack. Georgie looks like he might have a little pointer in him? Perhaps that little bit of high energy hunting breed? Well, I give you a lot of credit for doing it right, good luck with him, he’s a lucky dog to have you.

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