Thank You (#SOL17 10/31)

I just wanted to use today to say “thank you” to everyone who read my post on Wednesday and left me super nice comments.  I was going to respond to each one, but instead I just wanted to write one big thank you!

Sometimes it’s hard to share our lives in our writing, but man it feels good.  It feels even better when you get positive feedback and support.

So, thank you folks for your words of encouragement–every comment made me smile and boosted my confidence.  This is such an amazing group and I’m so thankful to Two Writing Teachers for providing 31 days of awesomeness.

Be brave, friends!!

3 thoughts on “Thank You (#SOL17 10/31)

  1. I was intrigued by your Thank you teaser and I’m so glad I clicked on it. I missed your post on Wednesday but I went back to read. It amazes me how some people have no boundaries. Don’t ever feel like you have to defend your choices to anyone. Thank you for being so brave to post such a personal slice. Inspiration for us all to be brave!

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