Small Gratitudes (#SOL17 12/31)

Thanks Elisabeth Ellington from the derigible plum for this idea. 🙂

What I’m grateful for right now:

  • My husband who shares the cooking duties with me
  • A clean kitchen
  • Our two older dogs who are so chill (so they’re less annoying than their little brother)
  • Wet doggy noses
  • An empty laundry room
  • Lunches prepared for the week (homemade potato soup! YESSSS)
  • Having my Canvas page set up for the week
  • Doggy daycare so G will be tired tomorrow night
  • Lasagna in the fridge ready to cook for dinner tomorrow
  • A sunny but crisp day in March
  • Only 8 days of school until Spring Break
  • Having self control at Target
  • Angela Watson’s 40 Hour Teacher Workweek class
  • The Slice of Life Challenge
  • Music!
  • New old movies on Netflix that I watched this morning: Leap Year and Shakespeare in Love (and Bridget Jones’s Diary earlier this week)
  • Sweet, juicy strawberries




11 thoughts on “Small Gratitudes (#SOL17 12/31)

  1. I may have to try this idea. You had many good ones, but must say having the Canvas page updated for the week is one of the best. This is the first year for us to be using Canvas full scale. Can’t wait until next year, when I have the basics already taken care of.

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