Fatkats #sol16 Day 19

When in a new town, it’s nice to try the local cuisine.  Last night we had Buffalo Wild Wings, which is clearly not local, so for our last night in Lexington, we wanted to try something good.

We hit the jackpot tonight. (Thanks, yelp! and TripAdvisor)

We arrived at FatKats, a definite “hole in the wall” kind of building in front of a very sketchy old motel, but it had a lot of good reviews, so we ventured in.  The parking lot was packed, and when we walked in the nice man at the counter said, “well, it’s right in the middle of the game”, and we were told it would be about an hour.  Of course, I had to put together his University of Kentucky shirt and the fact that it was March to realize it was the one of the March Madness basketball games.  The place was full of UK fans.  Loud ones.

We weren’t starving, but we asked if they’d take reservations so we could just come back later.

Instead, the awesome manager (I think) went around and asked the patrons how long they might be there.  She found a group that planned on leaving in the next half an hour, so we decided to wait.  She brought us another chair and let us order a bucket of beer so we could wait in the vestibule.  While we waited we met other RTTH folks and enjoyed talking to them.

We finally got seated. Our waitress took our orders (after we asked a million questions) and when the food came…wow!

The salads were fresh and delicious, and I think the croutons were homemade.  The cheesy garlic bread was freaking fantastic.  And my baked spaghetti, although they forgot to give me marinara instead of meat sauce, was super tasty.  I’m a wuss, so I wasn’t going to say anything about my order being incorrect, especially since it was still so yummy.  But when the waitress picked up my plate she saw the meat and apologized! I assured her it was fine, but she ended up taking half of my bill.  WOW.  That is service.

So, for our last night here we had a delightful evening at a local restaurant with the best service I’ve had in quite some time.  If you’re ever in the Georgetown, KY area, hit Fatkats for sure!!!

Also, we’ve already bought our tickets for next year’s Road to the Horse and we got our same excellent seats! SCORE! (And we’ll be going back to FatKats!)


I’m trying to write for 31 days straight with the Slice of Life challenge from Two Writing Teachers.  Wish me luck!!

6 thoughts on “Fatkats #sol16 Day 19

  1. Yummy, sounds like a double score! I am like you I love finding local yummy places to eat when we are out. I tolerate chain food places.


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