This week #sol16 Day 20

This weekend has been absolutely amazing.  A much-needed girls trip and four-day weekend are just what the doctor ordered.

But going back to school tomorrow is going to be ROUGH.  Like, yikes.

We have one week–five days–until Spring Break.  And then time will hopefully fly until the end of the year.  But these next fives days, whewee!

My Public Speaking kids have started their next speech, the group proposal, but I’m still figuring out exactly what we’re doing this week.  I think I’m ready for Monday but that’s about it.  In English my students are finishing up their big argumentative research essay.  It’s been an arduous journey, but I’m hoping for decent results.  They turn it in on Thursday, but you better believe I’m not grading it until after Spring Break!!!!

Here’s hoping for a quick and painless week.



I’m trying to write for 31 days straight with the Slice of Life challenge from Two Writing Teachers.  Wish me luck!!

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