Fancy A Cuppa?

There is something about a cup of tea that just makes me happy.

I’m a picky tea drinker though. I’m not a tea “snob”, per se. I don’t have a cupboard full of fancy teas and crazy flavors. Being half Scottish, I’ve always had tea in the cupboard and it’s always been Tetley’s. (I also have some in a baggie in my purse…just in case).

Show me a Lipton’s tea bag and, sorry, I’m going to make a face.

And it’s always hot. Don’t offer me an iced or sweet tea. Again with the face.

I’ve refined my tea drinking a bit over the years and found my favorite blend of Tetleys: a green and black tea mix that smells and tastes delicious and is at least somewhat good for me.

I start every day with tea and often end my work day with another cup (and a biscuit–lately that would be in the form of a madeleine cookie).

My perfect cup of tea is brewed at 200 degrees in a tea pot and then poured over raw sugar with a splash of milk. In the morning I add unflavored collagen for a protein boost that doesn’t affect my enjoyment (and makes my eyelashes and nails grow like crazy!).

Now I’m going to settle down with my late afternoon cuppa, a madeleine cookie, and my book.

9 thoughts on “Fancy A Cuppa?

  1. Lady, I love your honesty here! I am a coffee AND a tea snob, and I’m pleased now to meet another person who carries teabags in their bag!
    Your afternoon sounds lovely:)

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