Weekends are for

  • sleeping in (but not too late)
  • savoring my cup of tea (and maybe having a second)
  • working out (or telling myself to)
  • doggies snuggling on either side of the couch (for hours!)
  • exploring the area and looking for property (and mostly lucking out)
  • grocery trips to the Piggly Wiggly (my least favorite and my husband’s favorite grocery store)
  • opening and closing the back door over and over as Georgie goes in and out all day (he loves sunshine snoozers)
  • watering and caring for my houseplants (replanting and fertilizing usually happens on the weekend)
  • filling and refilling Georgie’s bowl because his one meal is split into about six on weekends (rolling eyes)
  • sitting on the deck in my rocking chair and reading a book (listening or reading–my favorite part of the day)
  • laundry and other chores (yuck)
  • elaborate meals (smoked whole chicken, salad, baked potato tonight and tomorrow is a brisket–my fave–plus homemade creamy mac n’cheese, and homemade fries)
  • reading and reading and reading
  • watching a show (if we have one we both like–currently we do not)
  • relaxing and not stressing about school anymore!

Have a GREAT weekend!!

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