My Favorite Colleague

I’ve had so many amazing colleagues over the years. Some who have become my closest friends and confidants.

But I’ve never had a colleague quite like this one.

She’s quiet. She almost never says a word.

But she’s funny. She has this way of moving about the office that makes you wonder what she’s up to.

Honestly, sometimes she’s a little creepy. If you feel eyes on you, it’s probably her.

She doesn’t snack or make a mess of the office. She’s mostly very respectful.

She can be a bit needy sometimes. You see, she needs help getting up the stairs and she likes to stretch her legs–but only with company–in the afternoon, so I have to accompany her on a little walk break down the block.

She loves to sit outside in the sunshine, so she makes me go with her. I’m not complaining, it’s gorgeous out, but our work schedules don’t always line up.

Sometimes she snores while she’s napping. Oh, I guess I should mention that sometimes she sleeps on the job (don’t tell the boss!), but it’s ok, she still meets deadlines.

She’s very sweet but she doesn’t respect personal space at all! Sometimes she climbs right in my lap! How awkward, right??

Good thing she is only 20 lbs!

While I’ve missed my colleagues from school and enjoyed getting to know my new colleagues via Zoom and Slack, Wanda May steals the title of my favorite colleague.

How could she not??

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