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The Fall

Today I fell down.

And it hurt.

A lot.

Now that I work from home, I am constantly trying to figure out a schedule with Wanda May, our 14 1/2 year old Puggle. She loves that I’m here all the time, but she gets pretty needy and can be very demanding.

I had a call to jump on and she woke up at the most inconvenient time. Rather than run her upstairs to let her potty in the fenced-in backyard, I decided to throw on my $2 flip-flops (the same pair my husband has chastised me for wearing on more than one occasion due to their dangerous lack of grip), put her leash on, and took her out to the front/side-yard.

It was sprinkling. Wanda took her time, as usual. She likes to look around and see what’s going on (nothing), sniff around for messages from visitors, and listen for approaching danger or excitement (she’s totally deaf, so this one is a real strain).

I was urging her to go potty, which, of course, she couldn’t hear. When that didn’t work, I tried Jedi-mind tricks. Either that actually worked, or coincidentally she ended up going potty at the exact same time. Either way, she went.

We turned to dash back inside. As soon as my right flip-flop touched the garage floor it slid 8″ and my other knee slammed into the smooth concrete.

As previously stated, it hurt. A lot. I may have said a few choice words and I definitely shed a tear. But, as I had a call to hop on, I pulled myself together and limped back into my home office.

Now, I’m sitting on the couch with a bruise blooming on my left knee, an ache in my lower back, and a crick in my neck, contemplating whether a bag of peas and a couple of ibuprofen are in order.


Happy Tuesday, everyone!

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