What. A. Year.

It’s been just 13 days short of a year since school closed down and Pandemic life began. Last year’s March SOL was darn near a lifesaver and I’m happy to be back at it this year.

So, let’s see, what’s happened in the last (approximately) 330 days?

  • Wanda became extra attached to us thanks to our being home 24/7 and Kosmo’s absence.
  • We went back to school two weeks later than usual:
    • Wearing face masks–man I got so tired speaking all day! (I had seven periods!)
    • On a staggered schedule–so I saw half of my kids M/Th and the other half T/F. Unlike many of my colleagues, I loved it!
    • With tiny classes. Even when we went to a full time schedule my biggest class had 17 people!
  • I have not been home to see my family since December 2019.
    • My sister and her youngest daughter came to visit in June, but other than that, it’s been SO long since I saw my whole family.
    • I am meeting that same sister and niece at the beach in just less than four weeks and I CANNOT WAIT.
  • I worked my butt off trying to get a new job.
    • I probably applied to 80+ jobs
    • I took courses to upskill
    • I attended networking events (online, obviously)
    • I worked on my resume and portfolio
  • I had several contract jobs
    • One training teachers in Hawaii
    • One working for a former student to help him build the education side of his new financial business
    • One for Instructure/Canvas building courses
    • One for Eduscape as an instructional designer…
  • I landed a NEW FULL TIME JOB with Eduscape as a Senior Learning Leader (much more on this to come!)
  • I quit teaching!

Anyway, that’s my update. I’m excited to be back and to catch up with everyone!

13 thoughts on “What. A. Year.

  1. Damn, that’s quite a wild ride you took last year, in the middle a freaking pandemic! I’m so happy that you are here with us for 2021! I look forward to “seeing” your voice out there and reconnecting, again! 🙂

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  2. First-Congratulations on your new job! Second-Welcome back. I’m looking forward to joining you for another thirty one days of Slicing. I’m excited for your trip to the beach in a over three weeks.

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  3. Wow! And welcome back, by the way! You were so brave this past year and it sounds like it paid off! I’m so glad you are back here so we can resume peering in at each other’s lives, I always enjoy your blog posts!

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  4. Wow! The final item on your list feels like a biggie. These last 330 days have been a wild ride. Glad you have a beach trip in your future. I miss travel so stinkin’ much. Congrats on your new job!

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