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Easy Like Sunday Morning

Sunday mornings in the spring time have got to be the best time of the whole week and year.

As I sit in my favorite rocking chair on the back deck, it’s just cool enough to be comfy in my sweatshirt and joggers (my uniform during this staycation), birds are chirping and singing and bouncing around the yard. Just moments ago we could hear a deer snorting in the woods beyond our yard.

The trees are filling in nicely and the sun is streaming through the leaves, dappling the yard.

The dogs are curled up in their individual deck chairs, Georgie soaking up the early morning sun, Wanda snoozing in the shade.

My cup of tea is steaming beside me.

It’s perfect.

6 thoughts on “Easy Like Sunday Morning

  1. “Just moments ago we could hear a deer snorting in the woods beyond our yard.” Now this is something I would much rather witness than yesterday’s visitor. Your back porch sounds so cozy & the perfect setting for a lazy Sunday morning.

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  2. Such a lovely scene you create! The birds, the dogs, the deer, spring, hot tea steaming – sounds so poetic. Spring is debuting here as well, and it really is so up lifting. Enjoy the peace.

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  3. What a perfect picture! It’s spring here too, but the trees are only beginning to think of budding. Our Serviceberry will be first. I can’t wait to see the daffodils and tulips. Yes, Spring is an amazing time of year.

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