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Zoom, zoom, zoom

I have seen lots of friends and family lately, virtually of course. I feel like we are all going to be Zoom and Meet experts in the coming weeks!

Yesterday we had a family Zoom call. We looked like the Brady Bunch in our little boxes. It was fun, if a little over-stimulating. We’ve already got next Sunday’s call on the schedule.

School official begins elearning next Monday, but today started the onslaught of information, meetings, etc. So I had two calls today, one on Zoom with our department and one on Meet with the faculty.

I’ve made about five screencastify videos today: for my students, for friends, for colleagues. How to do all sorts of things. For my students I made one explaining my plans for eLearning and also shared a Google Form to get their feedback. I figure this is an opportunity to reimagine education, so I might as well get some feedback from the kids, right?

Tonight we have a happy hour Zoom call with friends, both local and abroad.

As weird as this time is, it’s really offering us a time to be intentional about reaching out and touching base with the people we love.

For that, I am thankful.

One thought on “Zoom, zoom, zoom

  1. “We looked like the Brady Bunch in our little boxes.” That’s what every has said in my faculty meetings. Of course one of my co-workers decided to be different & as we signed off said, “Goodnight, John Boy.” This has definitely been a time where we’ve spent more time checking in on the people in our lives. Stay healthy and safe.

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