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Today I

{Thanks for the inspiration Elisabeth Ellington I haven’t used this one in a long time}

Today I struggled to get up. My alarm not only went off, which is rare, it went off for a minute before I realized what was happening.

Today I listened to The Newsworthy podcast on the way to school. It’s my favorite quick news source and today it was especially good.

Today I heard “Mrs. Louden, are they going to cancel school?” a hundred times. And then I explained that first of all “cancel” is the wrong word, and second, I have no idea.

Today I tried not to cry while watching Dead Poets Society. Twice.

Today I did something different with Chapter 4 of Of Mice and Men which I’ve taught at least eight times, and I don’t know how I’ve never done it before!

Today I found two new jobs to apply for.

Today I relaxed on the patio of a cute restaurant enjoying a sunny day and delightful breeze with a glass of prosecco.

Today I sat on my deck, finishing some school work while the dogs enjoyed the weather, roaming the backyard.

Today I’m tired and so thankful that tomorrow is Friday. One more week until Spring Break.

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