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Motivation (#sol17 30/31)

Well, it’s day six of Spring Break (I totally count the weekends) and you know what I’ve accomplished?

Very little.

Of course I was in Kentucky for the first three days.  Then yesterday I went horseback riding and read (I’ve finished two books this week–that’s two more than all of 2017!).

This morning I found out that my brother, sister-in-law, and their two sons would be stopping by for dinner on their way from Michigan to Florida.

Talk about motivation!

After a fabulous catch-up brunch with a good friend, I ran to the grocery store for spaghetti fixins, came home and walked Georgie, and then started cleaning.  The house looks awesome!  Yay!

Now the spaghetti sauce is ready (I make my own), there’s a loaf of French bread ready to cut (sadly, I didn’t make this_, ground beef is thawing in the sink, and the smell of freshly baked brownies fills the house, and thunder is gently rumbling outside.

I’m excited for our visit this evening and seeing my other brother and his family tomorrow!

I love Spring Break.  Now I think I’ll find another book to start reading; Maybe I can get four in before the SB is over.

5 thoughts on “Motivation (#sol17 30/31)

  1. I had a great “to do” list for my spring break. Got about three things done on it, felt just fine about it! I’m glad you’ll find another book, that’s always a good thing during spring break! 🙂


  2. I’ve cut myself slack about getting things done during breaks, although the decrease in pressure sometimes inspires me to tackle something I’ve been putting off. Enjoy your books!

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  3. I’m almost ready to announce my spring break (and fall break, and Christmas break) intentions as: Nothing. I have the best of intentions, but find the time to relax–and read–more important than most other goals I might set. Enjoy the rest of your break and the time with your brother!

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