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Last Write (#sol17 31/31)

We made it to day 31. Wow. And it was actually much easier to accomplish this year, I think.


How has this month shaped me as a writer, you ask? Let’s see…

  • I’m way more aware. I find inspiration everywhere: in commercials, statements made by my students / friends/ etc, songs, other slices, books I’m reading, my daily life
  • I feel more comfortable sharing. This year I didn’t feel as pressured to post amazing stuff (not that I posted amazing stuff last year). I was more ok with just posting.
  • I shared some deepish stuff: not wanting to have kids, looking for alternative careers. I’ve been wanting to write about both of these things for ages, and it felt SO good to share them and hear from other supportive slicers!
  • I have talked to my students about the importance of editing and used my writing as an example.
  • I better understand writer’s block when my kids are struggling to write.
  • I have ideas for prompts for next year. I really want my kids to write a slice each week or something. I want this kind of writing to be a regular part of our classroom.
  • I’ve learned from YOU! I have read so many great blogs.  My most favorite post this month was Calling In from Rice & Coffee.  It was just so perfect.  I shared it with all my teacher friends because how could I not?  I read some great slices that gave me ideas for now and the future.  I read posts that took guts, posts that made me laugh, posts that made me a little queasy.

I’m sure I’ve learned TONS more but this is what I’ve got for now.  My biggest concern is keeping up my writing.  I have a blog for education too; it’s called Louden Clear.  My goal is to update both my personal and professional blog each week.  Here’s hoping I can do it!  Surely if I can write every day, I can manage TWO posts per week! Right?!

Thank you to all of you who have read and commented on my slices.  I appreciate it SO much. There’s really not much better than having someone read and appreciate your writing, so thank you, thank you, thank you.

Thank you for this opportunity every March! I definitely couldn’t do this without the support your group provides!

Happy slicing, everyone!


8 thoughts on “Last Write (#sol17 31/31)

  1. Hooray for 31 days! I’ve enjoyed your posts from “stuff” to the more deep and have learned to be a little stronger because of it. Thank you for being real and not worrying about what you post, those are the best posts to read and write! 🙂

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  2. I loved reading your thoughts on the challenge this year. I think I found it a little less daunting this year just because I’d done it once and felt confident I could do it again. I also felt comfortable just trying out little pieces and posting them. I wouldn’t say I ever slapped together a post just to be posting, but I wasn’t always trying to out-amaze myself and my readers. I put less pressure on myself, which was nice. Next year, I’d really like to amplify other voices a little more. Share more posts I love on Twitter, maybe do a weekly recap linking to my favorite posts. Do you participate in any of the other weekly memes that many slicers also participate in? (#imwayr, #celebratelu, poetry Friday, nonfiction picture book wednesday, etc.) That can be a really great way to build more connections and find inspiration and accountability for publishing weekly.

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  3. Congratulations on making it 31 days!
    Thank you for sharing breathtaking pictures, feeding my insatiable obsession with dogs and horses, and confirming that high school teachers are real-and inspiringly amazing- people (I did always have the sneaking suspicion that they were.).
    -your former student who is probably not in the target audience of these posts but very grateful for the way they brightened up her first midwestern March

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    1. Christina!!! You made my day! Thanks for reading–I never really thought a student would be reading. Sort of changes how I view my audience, but I’m so glad! I hope you are well. Where in the Midwest are you??


      1. I’m at Grinnell College in Iowa, which I’m sure isn’t as cool as Michigan, but everything’s going pretty well (although I’m sure this is the year of college I’ll look back on wistfully).
        Hope one student reading doesn’t change things too much…

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  4. Congrats on completing the challenge! I feel like this year was easier than past years as well. Hopefully that means positive things for writing in the future.


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