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The vet (#sol17 20/31)

I’m sitting at the vet. I’ve been here for about half an hour now.

I’m here everyday to pick up G from daycare (insert eye roll) but today he actually needed to be checked out by the vet.  So here I am, waiting to talk to the doc himself.

While I’ve been here I’ve seen myriad dogs and owners. One little guy with a puffy eye and another coming in with potentially broken legs from a car accident. One little white scruff shaking in her boots and one big pretty Collie putting her nose in everyone’s faces.

I can’t imagine working here. Between the cuteness overload and absolute anguish that they must see regularly.

Sidenote: I got to pet the cutest little brindle lab/hound mix. And she was so sweet. Almost makes me want another puppy.

Ha. Just kidding.

Okay, I have to go talk to the vet. Fingers crossed it doesn’t cost me a fortune.

7 thoughts on “The vet (#sol17 20/31)

  1. So cute! I always think the same thing at the vet. My heart can’t bare even hearing people’s sad stories while I’m there with my dogs. I don’t know how the people who hear it all day handle it!

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