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Bed Time (#sol17 24/31)

I love to sleep. I like to go to bed earlyish and get up earlyish (only because I have to).  I’m kind of cranky if I don’t get to bed early, if my sleep gets disturbed, or if I don’t get enough sleep. I’m a light sleeper and it’s hard for me to sleep in new places (hotels, for example).

Mostly because I am the pickiest sleeper ever.

I feel bad when I travel with people (like I am right now) because I have so many requirements:

  • I need sound, preferably loud sound.  I sleep with a really loud fan at home, so when I travel I need the sound machine on my phone.  That’s not cool for some people, so then I have to wear headphones and that isn’t comfortable for me.
  • I need it to be cold. Like, freeze you out of here cold.  Otherwise I get hot and start tossing and turning and complaining and sighing.
  • I need a bathroom nearby. If I wake up and think I need to go, then I cannot get back to sleep.  Last summer on a riding trip we stayed in a little cabin that was FAR away from the bathroom. It was not cool.
  • I move a lot. I wake up a lot and once I wake up I get all antsy and have to switch positions. And then do it again.  And again.
  • I prefer my specific pillow and a puffy blanket.
  • I hate top sheets–they get all tangled around my feet and that makes me CRAZY.
  • I need it to be dark, pitch black dark.  Confession: I cover even the tiny light on the TV and even clock must be covered. Funny story: When I went to LA with my cousin, sister, and sister-in-law a couple years ago, my SIL and I shared a room because we’re both high maintenance sleepers. That room was SO bright in the morning that when my SIL woke up, she found me with shorts over my head to block out the light.  Embarrassing, but oh so true.

So I’m lying here after a terrible night of semi-sleep hoping my roomies will agree to go to bed earlier tonight.

This is probably the highest maintenance area of my life. I’m a particular person, but usually my needs don’t really affect others. Sleeping, however, is a different story!

What area of your life are you ridiculously high maintenance in??


4 thoughts on “Bed Time (#sol17 24/31)

  1. I am exactly like you when it comes to sleeping. The colder the room the better. I’ve used a hair clip before to hold the curtains shut just to keep that small sliver of light from streaming in between them. If there isn’t a fan then you better find me one. But the worst thing I do is shove people out of bed. I have this way of getting my knees in your back and pushing until you’re either on the floor or teetering on the edge.

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  2. I love this post. I can’t stand the top sheet, but for some reason its on my bed. It totally gets tangled and never stays in its place and really if you have a blanket, what is it’s purpose??? I probably use it because my mom “trained” me how to make a bed so many years ago. Ha! And now I’m reflecting on where I’m high maintenance. Maybe a future post for me!

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  3. I can’t even tell you how much I love this post! I am also a super high maintenance sleeper, which makes me a bad traveler, even though I LOVE to travel. I am also a terrible dormmate, roommate, and the last person you ever want to travel to a conference with. But now, you and I have found our perfect travel mates: each other! Because I also have to go to bed early; have the very loud fan (plus a white noise machine, LOL); pitch black dark; very cold temps; my own pillow; and no top sheet and ESPECIALLY no top sheet tucked in around my feet. I actually travel with a white noise machine because I think it sounds better than the app on my phone!

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