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Reading Again (#sol17 27/31)

I finally gave in and bought a book I knew I would like–and what a difference that makes!

Once we made it to our hotel this weekend, I knew I’d want a book to read, so I got on Amazon and purchased the latest Robert Dugoni (a typical, predictable mystery thriller) and I’ve been devouring it during my downtime ever since.  I even brought it to Road to the Horse with me and read it in between events (#nerdalert).

The book is good, but what is better is the feeling of actually wanting to read a book.

It’s been too long.

And now I’m hoping that since my inner reader is finally back in action, I can read the rest of my stack just as ravenously.

Here’s to a week of cleaning, riding, relaxing, and reading (hopefully)!

Yay for Spring Break!!!!!!!!!

10 thoughts on “Reading Again (#sol17 27/31)

  1. A Slice after my own heart! I completely agree that ‘wanting to read’ is the best feeling ever!! I love finding that one book that hits me so hard, I want to read every other book in my path. Best of luck knocking out your stack this Spring Break!

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  2. I’ve been in this slump too, but thanks to this super lazy weekend I’ve found a reading groove again. I have a stack of five books that are just waiting to be read. I’m happy to finally begin working my way through them.


  3. I have been in a reading slump lately, but the #titletalk chat helped me last night! Now I know how my students feel when I do book talks – motivated! Enjoy your break!


  4. I can so relate! I love that feeling of falling into a book and falling in love with it, being unable to put it down, etc. I am always reading something, but sometimes it does feel like work to me. I really love it when I encounter something totally unexpected and just want to be reading.

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