The things she carries (#SOL17 6/31)

Four bags:

  • One purse
  • One “school bag”
  • One bag of books
  • One lunch bag

Clamouring into school and up the stairs like she’s moving in.

Nope. Just a teacher returning to work after a weekend. You should see her after a longer break.

Imagine a pack mule.

Keys drop to the floor. Pens spill out of one bag while bending down for the keys. A little water spills from the knockoff Yeti in her other hand.

All of this before 7:30.

Football coach/history teacher holds the door open for her. It’s easy for him: he’s carrying nothing but a Starbucks.
(Not to knock the coaches…this is just based on real life events. Also, I appreciated the chivalry.)

3 thoughts on “The things she carries (#SOL17 6/31)

  1. You made me laugh on a day when I have been stressed and grumpy. Thank you for that. I am glad to know that I am not the only one who looks like she is running away from home every time she leaves to go to school.

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