Adding Sticker Sheets to My Living Well Planner

I am an Erin Condren LOVER! For real, but this year I decided to try something different: I purchased a Living Well planner.


Since it’s only January 6th, I haven’t decided if I like it better than my EC Life Planner or not, but it’s mine for the year, so I’m going to make it work for me either way.

One minor annoyance for me was the single pocket.  In addition, the sticker sheets that I received as a bonus have to be kept somewhere because they are not attached.  I didn’t want them taking up space in my pocket, so today I fixed that!

You will need these supplies:

Hole puncher, scissors, pen, sticky durable file tabs

Step One: First, you need to use the pen and tab of your choice to figure out how far apartfullsizerender-6 to space the holes.  I just lay the tab against the rings of the planner to measure it out.  I use the pen to make marks to guide my hole punching.

Be careful to keep it kind of straight, otherwise the tab gets kind of wonky and won’t fit quite right.  Once you make one good one, you can use it as a template for any others you want to make.




Step Two: The next step is to hole punch.  Sadly I only have a teeny hole puncher, so I have to punch two or three little holes to fit the double rings of the Living Well Planner.

A normal size hole puncher might be a tad big for these tabs, but it’s worth a try.




Step Three:  Use the scissors to cut a slit straight down from each whole punch so the tab can “grab” onto the rings of the planner.



Step Four: Now, you can use the pen to push the tab onto the rings of the planner to make sure it fits.  If it doesn’t, you can pull it off and make some adjustments using the whole puncher (or start over if necessary).  If it fits, then you can attach the sticker sheets (or whatever you want to add to the planner–to do lists, meal planners, etc) to the sticky part of the tab!  Easy peasy.

I hope this was helpful for you!  Let me know if you have questions and please share what adjustments you’ve made to your planner!


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