Kosmo, we miss you

One year ago today we had to make the very difficult (but right) decision to send our first dog, Kosmo Kramer, across the rainbow bridge.

We miss him terribly, but we have rested comfortably knowing we made the right decision based on what was going on.

We imagine he’s playing up there with his cousin, Ebby, who had to join him a few months after. We have pictures of them playing together when they were both puppies and they made to almost the exact same age.

I’ve been really busy with work–and tornadoes–today, so (thankfully), I haven’t had time to dwell, but I do miss Kosmo’s smile, his tubby belly, his cuddles, and his tolerance for Wanda.

RIP, Kosmo.

One thought on “Kosmo, we miss you

  1. We were just talking about our old girl Roxy and how much we miss her still, two years later. Whenever we talk about getting a dog, my son always ends up saying no, he just wants Roxy because she was the best dog for us. I agree! I’m so glad we have such good memories of her, as you have of Kosmo.

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