Right Now #sol21 Version

Once again, I am stealing this format from Elizabeth at the derigible plum because she always reminds me of my favorite formats!!

Right now I’m watching the local news and hearing about the dangerous weather that might be coming tomorrow. As usual, they’re supposed to be worse after dark. Great. Time to get our supplies and “go bag” ready to go.

Right now I’m so tired and sore. Tired because we had thunderstorms at 3:43am (I know the time, because a wild-eyed Georgie woke me up and kept me up). Sore because…I’m not sure. Probably from sitting too much. Ugh.

Right now I’m looking forward to the Philly cheesesteaks we’re having for dinner. My husband just took everything downstairs to make it on his Traeger…which means I don’t have to do anything! WIN WIN!

Right now I have dogs sleeping on either side of me. Georgie sprawled out on the left and Wanda cuddled in on the right. Pretty much my favorite place.

Right now I am ready to do a long yoga session for back and neck. I hope it helps!

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