A few weeks ago, my sister and I were speaking about their spring break trip to Fort Morgan (Gulf Shores), Alabama. After talking to her, my husband and I decided to check out a long weekend trip to go down while they were there. That way we’d get beach time and a visit with at least some family.

We got it all worked out. They (sis, husband, youngest daughter and her friend, plus my sister’s friend, her husband, and their son) had an awesome condo on the beach and we found a place that is just a 3 minute drive away. I took one of my few precious days off so we wouldn’t have to rush. A four hour drive makes it relatively convenient, but we still prefer that extra day. (Side note: weirdest part of not being a teacher anymore is figuring out when to use my paid time off days!)

Perfect! I’ve been excited about it for weeks now! Sand, sun, sea and family! WOOHOO!

And then today my sister got a call from the rental company saying their condo rental is being canceled. “It’s not ready.” They thought they could get it finished in time, but the didn’t.

So, now, less than two weeks before we are supposed to be there, they canceled her condo. Two weeks before our trip when they would charge her for canceling, they just cancel. Two weeks out, when she has flights booked for seven people, they tell her “sorry” (not sorry). Two weeks from when thousands of other people head to the beach, she and her friend had to search frantically to find an alternative.

What. the. heck.

They found one…40 minutes away by car from us.

ARGH! I am so mad on her behalf and also so disappointed for all of us! It’s not that we can’t still hang out at their place, but they don’t have a beach condo with a giant deck and all the room to space out that we were planning on.

I’m so frustrated, I couldn’t even write about anything else.

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