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Yesterday, I learned something about myself. I am motivated by “streaks”.

I wouldn’t have guessed this as I’m not really into games and I’m definitely not competitive.

But streaks, they keep me motivated.

In case you’re like, what the heck is she talking about, a streak is a count of how many consecutive days you have done a certain thing. (I’m sure most of you know this, but juuuust in case.)

Essentially, SOL is a 31 day streak, but this year my goal is to see how long I can keep it going. I love that Seth Godin shares a post everyday, not matter how short.

Here are the current streaks I have going:

  • Yoga: day 66. I did Yoga with Adriene’s Breath series in January and then I just didn’t stop. Now that I work from home, I don’t move as much so I desperately need yoga in my life to keep everything aligned and spaced out. Adriene’s YouTube channel is my personal favorite for my yoga fix.
  • Duolingo: day 125. After watching “Emily in Paris” around Thanksgiving, I decided I wanted to learn French. So now, je parle pespagnole et francaise! Admittedly, having six years of Spanish in high school + college gave me a slight edge in that language, but 18 years have passed since my last Spanish class. At this point, my skills are similar in both languages but I’m way more confident speaking Spanish. Thankfully, my sister is a French teacher so I can practice with her!
  • Reading: day who knows. Ok this one is a bit of a cheater because my streak is more based on the number of books than the number of pages, but I still find it motivating in Goodreads when it says “you’re on track” or “you’re ahead by x books”. Right now I’m on track. I’m reading books number 11 and 12 (audio and print) towards by 60 book goal.
  • SOL: day 7. This is a short streak, but I’m still proud at the end of March when I didn’t break it!

What are your current streaks?

3 thoughts on “Streaks

  1. I’m hugely motivated by streaks too. I’ve done a bunch this past year. I made it 207 days of yoga last year. 31 days of slicing. 30 days of writing a daily poem. 100 days of writing a zine. 127 days of writing in my writer’s notebook. I was SO irritated when I forgot to write on day 128 and broke my streak (hadn’t slept well the night before, missed my morning writing time, by evening when I was going to do it I’d totally forgotten). What a fun idea for a slice!

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  2. I love the idea of thinking of streaks. My new year’s resolution was yoga and it hasn’t been a good streak. I am going to check out the channel you suggested.


  3. This is interesting to consider. Some of your streaks are quite long. Years ago, I listened to a podcast that talked about setting a goal each month and working toward a streak of 30-31 days. I have enjoyed this for bumping out old habits or starting new ones. Thirty days always feel doable. Now, you have upped the idea with longer streaks. Hmmmm…..

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