Stir Crazy

Today I feel a little stir crazy.

It’s absolutely GORGEOUS outside, but I don’t want to leave Kosmo alone right now, so I can’t go for a walk. He likes going outside, but not for long, so my trips into the sunshine are short lived.

I just ate a poptart. That’s where I am at in this quarantine. I’m a 37 year old and I ate a strawberry poptart. I’m not going to lie, it was everything I hoped it would be.

At least there is a good dinner cooking in the crockpot: Beef Stroganoff. One of my favorites and a twofer because we get to eat it again tomorrow!

Unfortunately, a poptart does not fill me up, so I will have to eat again very soon.

There is a basket of clementines on my counter. I should eat one of those, but I’m not feeling it today, so I’ll probably make a PBJ and have an applesauce cup.

Apparently I’ve reverted to a 9 year old: poptarts, PBJs and applesauce cups…

Well, if this isn’t the most scattered and incoherent post you’ve read this March, I’d like to see what beat it. 🙂 That’s all I have for today, folks. I am going to go spend some time with Kosmo, read a book (or three), and drink more tea.

6 thoughts on “Stir Crazy

  1. What kind of tea? 🙂 See, that’s not the 9 year old mentality! You’ve got a little sanity left in you. For me, I’ve got a lemon ginger that I love with some honey. I’ve got a number of green teas that are good with honey as well. One of the reasons I don’t get sick often in the winter: a cup of green tea and honey. Good stuff right there!

    And while you’ve got a slice of your sanity, I ate a PBJ yesterday. No pop tart in the house or they’d be gone too. I tend to eat like a teenaged boy. 😀

    Thank you for the amusing slice! 🙂

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  2. Your sentences about the pop-tart were so lively and full of voice and the whole concept of gauging where we are in the quarantine by our need for pop tarts made me laugh. I am pretty sure I’m going to be there one day soon myself!

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  3. I love Poptarts–there’s no shame in Poptarts. Lots of Poptarts, that’s different. I hope that you keep enjoying this ‘free’ time, and do what you feel like. It won’t last forever!

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  4. “Apparently I’ve reverted to a 9 year old: poptarts, PBJs and applesauce cups…”
    How I love this. My mind has been working like this too, so thanks for the chuckle and letting me know I’m not alone!

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