Another Beautiful Day

Quarantine Day 4. Thankfully, it was another absolutely gorgeous day.

I had a bit of a meltdown last night (in my head) as my emotions were running a bit wild, so today I decided to make a list of things I am grateful for.

  • This beautiful Alabama March weather. I’m talking mid 70s, slight breeze, puffy clouds. Perfection.
  • My horse. I went to the barn again today (and kept my distance from others). He was such a good boy. Poor thing still has his winter coat and just isn’t shedding it much yet, so we didn’t do too much, but he trotted round and round at a consistent speed just like I asked.
  • Marco Polo. If you don’t know about this app, you’re missing out. I have multiple chats going with friends. Basically, you leave video messages for each other and have an asynchronous conversation. In this time when we have to stay away from others, it’s nice to see my friends’ faces.
  • ebooks from the library. I don’t really have much more to say about that. 🙂
  • Toast and honey and a cup of tea at breakfast.
  • Clementines. I have a whole basketful and I’m making myself eat one each day. I know the serving is probably three, but eating one at least makes me feel like I’ll be safe from scurvy. haha!
  • The SOL challenge. This push to write every day gives me something to do and reading others’ posts is entertaining. I love that we have created a community here and I feel like I know my little group of people through their posts.
  • Dove chocolates. Need I say more?
  • My plants. I love plants, as previously shared, and having so many of them (30ish) gives me something to putter around with on these long a** days.
  • My dogs. They’re cute and cuddly and I love them.
  • My husband who loves to cook. The restaurant closures have had zero effect on us because we eat dinner at home every night. We both like to cook, we both like our cooking. It works perfectly.

Whew, okay, that list will keep me going for a little while. What are you grateful for??

4 thoughts on “Another Beautiful Day

  1. What a wonderful list! (I’m going to try this tomorrow!) I so wish I could have houseplants, but my cats are SO destructive. I decided to try artificial plants and Zorro completely decimated it within five minutes. So ridiculous! Restaurant closures haven’t affected us either because we always eat at home. More leisure time to cook for sure! Like you, I’m very grateful for the Slicing community. It’s been a source of real sustenance over the past week.

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  2. I love your list! I wish I had a horse to be grateful for. I do have two dogs, they are great. I love my plants, totally getting into bonsai, very cool. Books, well, i could go on and on.

    But i’m so proud of my kids, my class! They are toughing it out and really, it is hardest on them! Thanks for you post, it made me think of good things.

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