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An Ode to Saturdays

Saturdays begin whenever I wake up. Somedays that means 6:30, others it means 8.

Saturdays start with a leisurely cup of tea and some toast with butter and honey. And then maybe another cup of tea. Anything goes!

Saturdays mean grocery shopping at the Piggly Wiggly with my husband and maybe a stop at Home Depot for a new plant (not this weekend, unfortunately).

Saturdays mean dusting and vacuuming the house, doing the laundry, and enjoying a tidy house free of dog hair (for about five minutes).

Saturdays are for doing the things I enjoy most: reading a book or two, writing in my journal, doing yoga, going for a walk, taking a bath and watching a movie, working on personal learning.

Saturdays are my happy days.

Saturdays are for me.

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