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We have three dogs. No kids, just three dogs. But dang, these three dogs cost us a lot of money and make me tired.

So, so tired.

Why you ask? Let me count the ways.

  • Georgie, our 4-year-old Coonhound mix, is scared of storms. Last night we had a storm around 3 am. G was concerned. His concern meant that I didn’t get to sleep as he paced around the room anxiously.
  • Additionally, our 13-year-old puggle, Wanda May has become scared of storms since witnessing her “little” brother’s fear. Great. So that means she climbs all over me and whines and shakes uncontrollably.
  • But, wait, that’s not all. Kosmo, our 14-year-old puggle is crazy. And I mean that in the clinical sense.
    • A few months ago we took K to the vet because he was drinking a ridiculous amount of water and using the potty a lot.
    • He was tested for diabetes, kidney problems, Cushing’s, a tumor, and some super rare type of diabetes. But you know what he has? Nothing. It’s all in his head. Yeah. Basically, he’s crazy about water.
    • Fast forward a few weeks after that “diagnosis”: Komso tore his other ACL (we’ve already repaired one). Thanks to this surgery, he was on some medicine that made him CUCKOO. Seriously, nutso. He was driving me bonkers. But! He wasn’t drinking as much water. Small win.
    • Now that he is fully recovered (although we still have to lift him to get on the couch or down the stairs to the back yard–sidenote: it’s been raining for WEEKS), he is back to his crazy water intake, which means, you guessed it, he has to go out more often.  Like at 1 am and at 2 am and then 5 am.
  • Even on nights when there are no storms, Wanda has to go potty at some point, usually in the 3am window. Does she really need to go? No, not really. I think she just wants to, but I can’t risk her peeing on the floor in retaliation for me not taking her out.
  • Also, Kosmo has to get up at least twice to get drinks. How does he get back in bed? Why, mama lifts him, of course.

All that to say, I’m tired. And these three dogs who I love SO MUCH drive me absolutely nuts at night when I just want to sleep.

So I’m going to bed early tonight, friends. Wish me luck!


Here are my cute babies sleeping peacefully. Hmph.


3 thoughts on “Sleep-Deprived

  1. Here’s to a good night’s sleep. I totally understand the whole pacing thing. I have a Pomeranian who hates storms. She always paces and then wants down off the bed. Once she’s off the bed and in her cage she will yip until I get up and lay on the floor outside of her cage. Oh the things we do for our pups.


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