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I’ve missed this

It is March 1st. The first day of the month. The first day of the Slice of Life Challenge. According to my blog, I haven’t done the SOL Challenge since 2017. That makes me sad. I thought it had only been a year or so, but it’s been THREE!

I haven’t stretched my writing muscles much lately. My fingers are crampy and the cogs in my brain are squeaky, but I’m excited to be here.

I’ve missed this.

I’ve missed writing just for the sake of writing. When I feel pressure to write for my education blog, I just can’t get the words out. But already, as I start writing, I’m getting ideas for future posts. I’m feeling excited about the words to come. About the stories, moments and memories I get to share.

As I sit here with two of my three dogs snoozing on either side of me, I can imagine the stories they’ll give me to tell you. As the Scottish fiddle music plays streams from the soundbar, I can envision the stories of Scotland, and music, and history that I will be able to share.

So yes, I’m excited. I’m kind of nervous too, but I know there are stories in this brain of mine and I haven’t let them out in a while. It’s time.

Let’s do it!

12 thoughts on “I’ve missed this

  1. Welcome back! I have found that it doesn’t take long for those writing muscles to get back into shape once you start writing again. So, here’s to 30 more days!


  2. Yes, welcome back! There seems to be a wealth of inspiration at your fingertips. Wishing you a month full of muses!


  3. Welcome back! I started in 2017, participated in 2018 and skipped last year. But, I’ve continued to write. What resonated with me about your post was that you also have another blog and find it “different” or more difficult to write! I recently just started an education website that contains a blog and it IS different. I am hoping to do some more to tweak it but it definitely seems harder than this – writing for the sake of writing! I look forward to those Scotland posts!


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