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Today has been a struggle.  I have waaaaay too many things in my brain.

Here’s what is going through my brain:

  • What should we do about summer reading? What books should juniors have to read? What should the assessment look like?
  • How do I want to change English 11 next year? The options are endless. Where do I start?
  • How will I occupy myself during the ACT tomorrow. I already want to die just thinking about it, and the thought of staring at test takers for four hours is just painful.
  • Do I want to leave teaching? How do I decide? How will I know if I’ve made the right decision? Will I know? What would I do?
  • What if I could be an instructional coach? That would be so awesome, but it’d be really hard with all the naysayers on our faculty.  I think I could be really helpful to people; I have a lot of ideas and resources.
  • How do I decide what I need to teach and what I don’t?  I don’t mean standards, I mean content.  English has a LOT of potential. I need a better process.
  • Why do we even make the kids take the ACT? It’s so boring.
  • My stomach hurts.  Can I make it through kickboxing? Am I making up excuses not to go?  I was going to go yesterday and then I didn’t. So I promised I would go tonight but now I feel yucky.  Is it in my head or is it real.  Ugh.  Why do I hate working out so much? I want to like it. Actually, I DO like it. I just don’t like going to it.
  • I watched almost all of the first season of Broadchurch this weekend but I have about 20 minutes left in the last episode.  I wish I could watch it right now while my student teacher is leading my kiddos through their final ACT prep. It’s hard to sit and listen to the same thing three times a day.
  • Do I want tacos for dinner? I can’t decide.  We had spaghetti last night. It was delicious.  Tacos just sounds like a lot of work, but it is Tuesday.
  • How can I make more money? Like, what side hustles would I like? Can I make money writing? I have made a little bit (guest posting), but I would like to do more of that.  Or proofreading/editing.  Or maybe teaching summer school this summer.  Yuck.

That’s almost everything and now I have to go and try to sort out my thoughts and such.

6 thoughts on “Overload

  1. Reading your list was comforting to me in a way…really because we don’t have the same exact thoughts running through our heads, but I have a whole lot of random thoughts on a daily basis that swarm around too and reading your post made me realize I’m not alone! I also think you should stay in education 🙂

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  2. Love the randomness of the list, but also the way it kept coming back to the ACT. Made me wonder about the strength of your feelings about that. I’m betting you have some pretty strong thoughts about it. BTW, I think you should stay in education for sure!!!

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