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Caution- No Common Sense Ahead

Today while doing the dishes I overheard a commercial for some kind of prescription medication.  As usual, following the glowing qualities of this miracle cure, the announcer began listing the many dangers, and it began with “Do not take ___ if you are allergic to it.”


I’ve noticed this warning lately.  Don’t take it if you’re allergic to it.  I mean, we have to tell people that?!  What the heck!?!

First, how will you know if you are allergic to it if you’ve never taken it?

Second, why would you keep taking it if you know you are allergic to it?  Have we really reached that level of stupid?  Is it just me, or is it terrifying that they have to say this?

I know we now live in a much more litigious society, but would that lawsuit sound like?  “I knew I was allergic, but I took it anyway, and now I’m going to sue you because I almost died from a reaction.”


I just think it’s crazy that we have come to a point that we have to warn people about everything.

Careful, your coffee might be hot. (Of course, if it wasn’t, you’d complain).

Caution, if you knock this vending machine on top of yourself, it will crush you. (I know, you really want that Twix, but it’s not worth death by squashing).

Watch out! Don’t use your hair dryer in the shower. (This just seems counterintuitive anyway. I mean, what are you trying to accomplish??).

Danger, this pepper spray may burn your eyes. (So spray it at someone else not at yourself, unless you’re on Jackass or something).

Caution, do not iron while wearing shirt. (This seems like it would be quite difficult anyway).

You get the idea, right?  Have we just lost all common sense?  Do we truly need these warning labels?  What happened to survival of the fittest?  At this point with all of these warning labels, it seems everyone should survive forever.  Nothing is dangerous and yet we’re more scared of everything.


I hope my sarcasm doesn’t hurt anyone’s feelings.  Maybe I should have started with a caution…

8 thoughts on “Warning

  1. I think the scariest one I’ve ever read is “please remove child before folding the stroller up for storage.” You’re kidding me right?! Common sense is something that is severely lacking anymore and it’s a little sad really when you think about it. And I LOVED the sarcasm in this post.

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  2. I love that last line. I think about this kind of stuff with my students. They ask the kinds of questions you’d think would be obvious, but yet, they look stunned when I give them the common sense answer. Yikes!

    Anyway, thanks for cautioning us about this slice! 🙂

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