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The Remuda: A haiku (#sol17)

It’s the Remuda:

horses in all directions;

I am in Heaven.

As you may or may not know, I am at Road to the Horse in Lexington, Kentucky. On opening day, they run twelve mostly untouched colts into the arena who have journeyed from the 6666 Ranch in Texas. The horses run around to much applause and excitement.  Then the competing trainers each choose a horse to work with over the weekend.  They have 1:45 on Friday and Saturday with the horses in a round pen, and then on Sunday they take the horses through an obstacle course. On obstacle course on a old trained horse can be an adventure, and on a three year old fresh colt, it’s truly an experience.

Tomorrow I’ll write about more of the awesomeness. Sorry (but not really) to the non-horse people reading. 🙂

3 thoughts on “The Remuda: A haiku (#sol17)

  1. So cool! Here in NJ I never would have heard of the Road to the Horse. But being a total horse person (born that way, my family was always puzzled as to why) I am so looking forward to the rest of your posts! Thanks for teaching me about something I never knew!

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