Road trip (#sol17 23/31)

We’re on the road to Lexington! Yay! 

This morning was a bit hectic at my house, but we got on the road around 10am. We’re almost into Kentucky and it just started raining. Hopefully it’ll clear up soon. 

We’re going to stop for lunch and then finish up the journey. 

Tonight we’ll get to see the horses that the competitors get to choose from, check out the vendors, and then we’ll find somewhere for dinner. Tomorrow the competition begins. 

I’ll share pictures and updates this weekend but that’s it for today! 


7 thoughts on “Road trip (#sol17 23/31)

  1. I just changed out of my breeches and boots and clicked on your blog rather randomly…now I’m curious: what competition? What horses? I want to know more! Hopefully you’ll have more time for a longer post tomorrow! 🙂


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