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Shetland, My Love (#sol17 22/31)

Yesterday I shared some pictures and highlights from my last trip to Scotland.  Today, I want to share some photos from the Shetland Islands.  It is truly a GORGEOUS place, and if you’re taking a trip to Scotland, you might as well go all the way!

Brace yourself for a LOT of pictures.

You can get to Shetland by plane or by boat, but the boat is much more affordable.  You get on in Aberdeen and travel overnight to Shetland.  We got ourselves that cute little cabin on the left and arrived on a nice foggy morning.  The view coming in is breathtaking but a bit hard to see with fog that thick.


We were visiting during Hamefarin and I was so excited that my husband go to experience it.  One of the best parts is a mini-version of Up Helly Aa, with the men dressed up as vikings carrying torches around Clickimin Loch to burn a galley.   1915657_825347270412_3895965_n37260_825347335282_3305000_n

Shetland ponies are ubiquitous in Shetland, as is expected.  35725_825345798362_1414464_n35705_825347534882_6029731_n34266_825346926102_6971375_n








We explored two different historical sites: Jarlshof and Clickimin Broch.  Jarlshoff is a prehistoric site that has several different ages represented in one site: Bronze Age, Iron Age, Viking Age, and structures from more recent times.  It is so interesting and fun to explore. 37413_825348003942_1146872_nThe views in Shetland are basically unparalleled IMHO.36934_825347055842_7242938_n

Casey and Nate had to take a dip in the Atlantic while we were in Shetland to round out their freezing cold water excursions.35705_825347519912_1066648_n




Did we end up in the Carribean? Nope! That’s Shetland on a gorgeously sunny day.  This view is of St. Ninian’s Isle.34123_825347430092_7026315_n

The views of Lerwick along the water are so cool. It’s like stepping back in history.  See the galley in the water there?34144_825348218512_4477116_n35753_825347200552_8243782_n

We spent some time up at Sumburgh Head–these views are AMAZING.  The wind was blowing so hard though, I really thought I might just blow away.  34349_825347829292_3142547_n

And this sign didn’t make it less frightening. 34091_825347609732_3285016_n

And of course there are Puffins. They are such neat little birds.  I got some excellent pictures of them, if I do say so myself.34280_825347779392_511971_n

Frame worthy, right??34280_825347769412_3244535_n

And lastly, one of my favorite pictures of this calm water in Lerwick.  34144_825348198552_1647116_n

There ya go, a quick tour of Shetland.  I am so serious when I say a trip to Scotland is incomplete without a journey up to the islands.  There is SO much to see. I can’t wait to go back–I have some sites to add to my list that I haven’t seen in the several trips we’ve taken there.  Plus I can’t wait to see my cousins and aunts and uncles and everyone else!

Tomorrow I’m off to Kentucky, so my posts might be kind of short for the next few days.  🙂


9 thoughts on “Shetland, My Love (#sol17 22/31)

  1. Oh my goodness your trip is this weekend isn’t it?! You survived all those days!

    The puffin picture made my day. Those little guys have the saddest eyes though. They remind me of a Precious Moments character. This post made my day. I feel like I’ve been on a trip with you.

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  2. Thank you for letting me vacation vicariously through your photos! I would love to go to Scotland someday – I’ve only been to England. It was fun to see photos of Shetland because I just started watching a show by the same name on PBS recently!

    Liked by 1 person

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