Currently (#sol17 16/31)

Thanks Elisabeth Ellington for this idea right when I needed it!

Watching: The Crown (well, I finished it), New Girl, Modern Family, Big Bang Theory, Jane the Virgin, This is Us .   (To be clear, I don’t watch them ALL the time!)

Listening: My Yo Yo Ma and Alasdair Frasier shuffle list on Pandora.

Appreciating: My students.  What an amazing group I have this year.  I actually enjoy every single one of them–even the annoying ones. 😉

Loving: Snuggling with the puppy and dogs when I get home from work. Feeling sore from kickboxing today–finally made it back and it almost killed me!

Drinking: Hot tea with milk and honey.

Wishing: It would warm up and stay that way.

Planning: A trip home to Michigan this summer.  A list of food to take on our trip to Kentucky next weekend.  A to do list for spring cleaning over spring break.

Reading: No books.  What the heck? I started a book, got bored, and I’m trying to find another one.  I am reading a lot of blogs though.  And student syllogisms and thesis sentences for argument essays.

Here’s to finding some inspiration in the next few days!!


12 thoughts on “Currently (#sol17 16/31)

  1. So glad you found inspiration in Currently! It’s my favorite way to get a slice on a day when I just can’t bear to write a slice! I’ve been putting off getting back to cardio workouts because I know how I’m going to feel afterwards for the first few days, but there’s no way back except for through it!

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  2. Ohhh. I really like this format. I think that I will try this one for SOL (and I think I will use it in the classroom too). I have learned so much about you in such a small amount of words. I just started reading To Stay Alive by Skila Brown. Not sure if this is a book you would enjoy, but you can check it out. Thank you for introducing me to Alasdair Frasier.

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