Six Days (#sol17 14/31)

I’m tired. This week is rough. I don’t have much to say today, nor the energy to write it even if I did.

So, I’ll say “yay!” I only have six days of school until I get up early next Thursday, meet my friends, and make the drive to Lexington, Kentucky for the 2017 Road to the Horse Colt Starting Championship.

This year all four competitors are women and one of them rides English.  It’s going to be SO AWESOME!

So, while the next days are going to be rough, I’m just going to be thankful that I’m down to the single digits.

Good luck everyone–we’re almost there!!

7 thoughts on “Six Days (#sol17 14/31)

  1. Ditto! I’m worn out too and feeling just plain tired. We still have all next week before spring break, but you can definitely tell it’s in the air at school. Hope the time passes quickly for you!!

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  2. That’s a great thing to look forward to! So glad you sliced anyway – sometimes we just don’t have it in us, but it’s great you sliced – I have never heard of this Sounds pretty amazing!

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