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Horse Soccer (#SOL17 4/31)

I have spent the day in Montgomery at the Alabama Horse Fair surrounded by horses, tack, food, horsey people, and puppies (basically all my favorite things).

I’ve learned some things from clinicians like Stacy Westfall, watched the parade of breeds, and been entertained by trainers like Make Gascon on his fun horse Tito.

If you’re at all familiar with horse breeds, Tito is a Paso Fino. Pasos are gaited horses that make for a really smooth ride.  I won’t lie though, sometimes they look kinda funny doing their little gaits.

We had the pleasure of seeing Mike and Tito last year at Road to the Horse (18 days until we leave for RTTH 2017!!!) and now here at the fair we got to see some more tricks.

Namely, horse soccer. Umm what?  Yeah for real, two teams of two with a giant ball.



Check out Mike and Tito on YouTube to see some of the cool stuff they can do together.

I’m typing this on my phone while listening to another clinician before my barn friends ride their drill team routine

Happy Saturday!

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