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Getting Started (#SOL17- 1/31)

As this month stretches out before me, I’m just not sure I can do this.  I’m not sure I can write for 31 days straight.  Again.

I’ve been struggling to write once a week for the past…well, forever, so how will I pull this off?

Sheer determination, hopefully.

March is a hard yet awesome month.  It’s hard because the spring semester is stretching before us, seemingly without end.  It’s awesome because we do have Spring break, and I have at least two fun events to attend.  I wrote about both of them last year, so I will attempt to address them from a different angle this year. This weekend I will be going to the Alabama Horse Fair in Montgomery, and in three weeks my friends and I will be heading to Lexington, Kentucky to attend Road to the Horse.  Which will be AMAZING.

It’s not all fun and games this month though.

Today I attended a memorial service for a good friend’s mom.  I am heartbroken for my friend and her family, and I wish there was some way to help her.

Grades are due next Friday, which means I’ll be stressed for a week or so as I make sure grades are updated, kids ask a million questions about make-up work, I grade essay revisions, and listen to kids whine about their poor grades.

My students are starting argument essays next week.  It usually ends up being their best writing of the year, but man is it a grueling process.  Several weeks of research, planning, prewriting, writing, revising.  Yeesh.

My husband and I are currently in the process of deciding on buying a house.  Needless to say, my stress is high.  Should we do it?  When do we put our house on the market.  There’s so much to be done.  Paperwork stacked on the table.  Ahhhhh!!!

So, here we go, another month of adventures, ups and downs, and of course writing.

Wish me luck as I try to push on for 31 days of writing.


12 thoughts on “Getting Started (#SOL17- 1/31)

  1. March is always a tough month here in Iowa. Many weather changes, school issues, and all kinds of things going on. Yet, by pure force of nature, we get through it! Welcome back to the world of writing! 🙂 31 days will be a snap once you get back in the habit!

    Thank you for sharing and happy writing! 🙂

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  2. One day at a time is what I always say and cut yourself a break. Life can get difficult at times. I am sure you can keep up the slicing and I am looking forward to hearing about the horse events. I have lived around the show arena for many years and I enjoy hearing other stories as well. Good luck!

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  3. Hopefully writing this month will help take away some of the stress! You sure have a lot on your plate, but keep that spring break goal in sight!

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  4. Congratulations on taking on this challenge once again. You certainly have a lot going on in your life, but you made a choice to write today. Take each day as it comes and let your writing be a few moments just for YOU. Looking forward to more slices.

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  5. I agree, March is a busy month as a teacher with report cards and conferences and to add personal responsibilities can make it more complicated. You seem ready to bring it on though. I appreciate your positive attitude!

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  6. So glad you chose to join in. Even one post–and you’ve already done that–is more than none! Thirty more; celebrate each one a day at a time. I’ll be looking for you!

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  7. Somehow, March is always crazy.
    Lots of material, though, right?
    Hope it can be therapy, and maybe help with decision-making that has to happen.
    I do know that you will be glad that the challenge made you write about your horse-related travels- its so great to capture those fleeting experiences to memory!

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