They’re baaaaack (#btbc16)

They’re back. All twelve (or more) of them. Finally.

I’m talking about our hummingbirds.  We have three feeders and a swing in our back yard and, I’m not gonna lie, we’re a little obsessed.  We sit on our patio watching them all the time.

We’ve had about five of them back for a month or two now, but just this week the rest have come back with a vengeance.  Yay!

I especially love it when they start rolling around in the air, chasing each other.  It’s funny to watch the dogs watch them–they always seem very confused. They swoop down and zip right by your head, sometimes it feels as though they hit you, but really it’s just the wind their little bodies created.

If you enjoy these awesome creatures as much as I do, follow @thehummingbirdphotographer on Instagram. She has some AMAZING photos! And don’t waste your money on that store-bought feed, just mix one cup sugar with four cups of water, boil, put in the fridge and fill up your feeders as needed. They love it!



3 thoughts on “They’re baaaaack (#btbc16)

  1. Awesome! When I’ve had hummingbirds they’ve been very secretive and like to come to the feeder early in the morning. I haven’t been up that early yet this summer, so I don’t know if I’ve attracted any this year or not. I used to also have some black birds with orange on them that came to the feeder.

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