Road Rage, Justified (#btbc16)

I knew it. I’be been saying that Alabama drivers are the WORST for almost nine years now.

And I wasn’t too far off.  Turns out they are the fifth worst in the country.  I feel justified!

And sad.

This morning I lay in bed cuddling with the new pup so he’d go back to sleep (seriously, did I get a dog or a baby?!) and I came upon this article from Al.com: “Why Driving in Alabama is a Frightening Proposition”.

To sum up, basically drivers in Alabama have the 5th most fatal wrecks and the highest cost associated with these wrecks out of the top 10.  How depressing.

I’ve written before about my observations, but having been in Michigan for two weeks, I noticed the ridiculousness even more than before.

It really makes me wonder what you actually have to do / know to pass the driving exam.  Do you even have to take one? That’s how bad it is, folks.  Turn signals? Cars here are clearly made without them.  Passing in the left lane? Why? I’d rather just drive there going two miles under the speed limit because I have so little regard for those around me.  Stop at a red light? Nah. I’d rather just keep going.

Okay, I’ll stop now before this becomes a full-on rant, because it can. Quickly.

Anyhoo, if you’re ever in Alabama, drive carefully.

4 thoughts on “Road Rage, Justified (#btbc16)

  1. Ugh. Road rage is so scary. And it gives me anxiety. And then I generally exhibit a little road rage of my own. And my bp climbs. So thanks for the heads up about driving in Alabama.


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