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“Home is where the heart is”, that’s the saying, right?

Well I agree, 100%.

I refer to three different places as “home”, and I love them all equally albeit differently. They each represent something slightly different for me.

My first (and original) home is Michigan.  I was born and raised there and I love it so much.  My whole family is there, and so is Casey’s.  All of my oldest friends are from there–although most no longer live there because the economy was shite when we graduated college.  All of my formative memories happened there.  I went to summer camp, learned to ride a bike, and more importantly a horse, .  Plus there is the perfect summer weather and the abundance of lakes, seriously they’re everywhere folks!  Michigan is truly home.

Alabama is my other obvious home. We’ve lived here for nine years, and while it took some time, it has definitely grown on us.  Most of my teaching career has been spent here. I’ve made some wonderful friends that I can’t imagine leaving.  I’ve rediscovered my love for horses and finally own my own–a 20-year dream come true.  I’ve found other hobbies and activities that I enjoy.  Our original plan was to live here for maybe three years or so, and then head back to the Mitten, but clearly that didn’t happen.  Actually we just spoke the other day and despite having a short list of states we’d be mutually willing to move to, we’d both rather stay here.  All in all, this state has become my home.

It’s funny because depending on where I am at any given moment, I call both places “home”.  In Alabama I’m going “home” to visit family in Michigan, but in Michigan I’m going “home” to where I live in Alabama.  It’s all relative for sure!

My final home is Shetland, which is actually my mom’s original home.  While I have never lived in Shetland, I do have a lot of family there.  My mom’s brothers and their families, plus grandparents and cousins all lived there (or on the mainland of Scotland).  We have visited (or they have come here) enough times that I honestly feel like I know that side of my family as well as those who live here in the States.  It’s also the most beautiful place I’ve ever been.  I often find myself saying “I hope to get home soon” when referring to Shetland, and it’s those times that I realize how important it is to me.

I’ll be honest, I can’t really explain where I’m going with this today, or even what triggered it.  I think I’m missing my 1st and 3rd home a bit.  And I was listing to Cam’s “Village” and I love the line at the top of my post.  It’s so true.  Everyone you love has had a hand in building your village, no matter where it is.  My village has been built by family and friends in Michigan, Alabama, Scotland. All of those places represent my home.

What about you? Where do you call home?

10 thoughts on “Home (#btbc16 #sol)

  1. I just returned from a visit to Oklahoma, my original home, the there’s Texas, my home for 11 years, and now the Pacific NW, my home for 19 years, and I love all of them! Thanks for this lovely rambling post. Love your quote! It reminds me of one I like about friends. “If you’re ever in my life, you’re always in my life.”

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  2. I love your post. This is something I think about a lot (and slice about sometimes- even in the last few weeks). I have lots of homes too and miss them when I am not there. I am trying to figure out where I will retire too one day and wondering if that will be a return home or a new home. Time will tell!

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  3. Such a beautiful, lovely post. I love that quote you started with. I am home here in Chicago. Lived in AZ for 11 years, but strangely, the whole time that never felt like home to me, and always called Chicago home. I guess the only other homes I have are my parents house in MI (the UP) and FL, but not because I’ve ever lived there, but just because it’s mom and dad’s homes.
    Thank you for sharing! Did you link it up with Two Writing Teachers, too?


    1. I love this line…. “I’ll be honest, I can’t really explain where I’m going with this today, or even what triggered it.” I think the reason I like it so much is that it sums up the crux of my writing experience. So many times I don’t know where I’m going and what triggers what I feel compelled to write about but it is no less compelling. When I need to write about something it doesn’t matter what triggers the need or if it makes sense. My “home” is the small town in Kansas that I live in, not the one I grew up in, graduated school from and my family of origin lives in. When I refer to my “hometown” I am referring to my town, McPherson/Mactown. Not the one I grew up in. This is home in my heart. My soul. Thanks for sharing!


  4. I use the term “my neighbors” a lot, but I actually could be referring to the neighbors I had as a child, and the neighbors I currently have. Even though these two neighborhoods are only 10 minutes apart, I guess I have 2 homes too. 🙂

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