Target Hiatus (Day 3 #btbc16)

Yesterday I went to Target for the second time in two days.  The day before while I was there, I was on the phone with my BFF Melissa (Mo) talking about how hard it is to resist buying things at Target.  She then sent me this article: “What Happened When I Quit Target for 2.5 Months” from You Need a Budget.

I read it and had three thoughts:

  1. Sadness because it’s true
  2. I think I’m going to take my RedCard out of my wallet and avoid going there for at least one month
  3. I MUST add this blog to my Feedly “Finance” blog list so I can keep up with it

So, I am now embarking on a self-enforced one month hiatus from Target (my favorite store in the whole world). I will have to go in the store to get my prescriptions every now and then which will really test my integrity, but we are trying to save up money more conscientiously, so I feel like this is a must-do.  I spend entirely too much money (and time, come to think of it) in Target.

I’ll update on my progress in a month or so. Wish me luck–I will definitely need it!

I’m joining Michelle Brezek at BigTime Literacy for  a one-month blogging challenge. I will be trying to blog every day.  Eek!

6 thoughts on “Target Hiatus (Day 3 #btbc16)

  1. It sounds so sensible, and yet…. Good luck! I love Target’s dollar spot and could spend a ton there. I purposely avoid Target as often as I can, it’s a death-trap financially.


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