Puppy Love (#SOL)

Last week I wrote about my goals for the summer, one of them being to find a puppy–well, we did!  So today let me tell you about the new addition to our family: Georgios Fitzgerald (I’ll explain his name in a minute).

I found this little guy on Petfinder last week, and then it was a rush to make sure we got him.  He was at the Humane Society of Forsyth Count in Georgia–about a three hour drive away–so we had to wait until the weekend to get him.  Thankfully, I spoke with a helpful worker there, Erica, who let us adopt over the phone (with the option to cancel if necessary, which it wasn’t) so he would be there when we arrived on Saturday.  It’s a good thing, too, because six people tried to adopt him in the three days between my phone call and our trip there.

After the long drive, we arrived at the shelter to find this little guy:photo (23)

I mean, how could we NOT take this cutie patootie home?  We spent some time with him in one of the runs outside, and we were quickly hooked.  The only negative: his viciously sharp puppy teeth. Holy cow, they’re painful.

Off we went on the three-hour drive back home (with a stop at PetSmart for puppy shampoo because he was stinky, a potty break, and some lunch for the humans). He was amusing, besides the biting, on the way home, alternating between sleeping and barking and being silly.photo (26)

But, the fun really started (that is TOTAL sarcasm) when we got home and introduced Georgie to Kosmo and Wanda.  Let’s just say, the two pictures below do NOT sum up their meeting in anyway.  It was chaos.  Kosmo was so excited, Wanda seemed kind of pissed (she still does).  Georgie held his own though. Attacking them both when they came near.  He quickly made a place for himself in the pack.

photo (25)

photo (24)







He’s officially been “home” for almost three days now, and he seems to be settling okay.  Wanda is still not a big fan.  If he turns toward her, she runs away, even though she was definitely the alpha before he got here. Poor baby girl has hot spots from being so anxious about him.  Hopefully they’ll get along eventually.  Meanwhile, Kosmo, the biggest wheenie ever, runs and plays and “attacks” the pup playfully.  We’ve been crate training (or trying to, at least) and it’s going well.  He’s only peed in the house one time, and that was our own fault for letting him play too long inside after his potty break.  He loves to play outside, and the heat (“feels like” 100+ degrees) knocks us all out so we can rest for a while.  The best part is that he sleeps for 6+ hours at night, despite being only 7 weeks old.  SCORE!!!photo (22)

Oh, about his name: My husband watches that silly show “Ancient Aliens” all the time and loves to pretend he really believes it.  We’ve been joking for months about naming a dog Georgios after the crazy “Ancient Alien theorist” with the wild hair.  You know, this guy. So we did!  I like my dogs to have middle names, and I love F. Scott Fitzgerald, so Georgios Fitzgerald it is.  He mostly goes by Georgie anyway.  In case you’re wondering, our other dogs are Kosmo Kramer, from Seinfeld, and Wanda May.  Wanda’s name came about after two different little kids on separate occasions told me “If you got a girl dog, you could name her Wanda”.  I thought that was SO weird.  I mean, who names a dog Wanda? But after hearing it from two different kiddos, I was like, well shoot, I guess we DO need to name her Wanda.  So we did.  Then my sister, who has four kids, said “Oh, it’s like ‘The Fairly Odd Parents'” and that’s when I learned why little kids were telling me to name her that. As you can see, we like silly names, but they all end up fitting the animal perfectly! 🙂

Alright, Georgie is about to wake up from his nap, so it’s back to potty breaks and entertaining for an hour or two.

Yay for summer and puppies!

12 thoughts on “Puppy Love (#SOL)

  1. I LOVE a good dog story! This one had it all suspense, drama and the beginning of a happy ending. Your new addition will certainly give you more writing ideas as the summer progresses. It was fun to learn of the name origins of your pack.❤️

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  2. I sure can understand why you fell in love with this little guy….he is so cute. That close up picture of him seems to catch a playful personality. You will be having quite an eventful summer now. Hope to see some more pictures. Oh…and his name is wonderful. I think my husband watches that show, too…or would like to.

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