Before That #sol16 Day 29

Right now I’m resting in my hotel room, before heading to dinner at Oceana and a show at Preservation Hall.

Before that, I was walking through the almost-rain from Jackson Square back to the hotel, hoping the clouds wouldn’t open and pour down on us.

Before that, I was sitting at Cafe Du Monde eating beignets and drinking hot chocolate with a fellow chaperone and two handfuls of kids, laughing, sharing stories and licking powdered sugar off of our fingers.

Before that, we were haphazardly wandering around the French Quarter, running into groups of kids and catching up on their activities thus far.

Before that, we ate lunch at Monty’s on the Square.  Actually, we ate breakfast at lunchtime. It was delicious, the weather was perfect, and the scenery was entertaining.

Before that, we were touring the Cabildo Museum with a pompous guide. There were some neat artifacts, but overall I got a bit bored.

Before that, we reverently toured the St. Louis Cathedral on our own. It is beautiful, plus I got to practice my Spanish skills reading some of the inscriptions in the floor.

Before that, we had a little time to wander, so we let a group of kids lead us to the waterfront where we enjoyed the sunshine and the view of the Mississippi.

Before that, we walked from our hotel to Jackson Square, which was my first view of NOLA in the daylight.

I know we seem crazy for chaperoning a trip with 30 juniors and seniors to New Orleans.  These are great kids, many of whom I taught in Pre IB English 9 or 10, or coached on the debate team.  But still, pray for us. 🙂

Thanks for this idea for this format, but I wish I could remember where I saw it!


I’m trying to write for 31 days straight with the Slice of Life challenge from Two Writing Teachers.  Wish me luck!

10 thoughts on “Before That #sol16 Day 29

  1. Like your “Before that…” rendition of your day. Yes, I will put you in my prayers. I’ve chaperoned before; it is kin to a marathon.

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  2. What a wonderful time–love the structure. I’ve always wanted to go to Cafe Du Monde. 15 years ago a friend brought me a coffee cup, coffee, and beignet mix from there–never been but still have the cup.

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  3. I love New Orleans, Jackson Square, Cafe DuMonde, the cemeteries, the entire area. I’ve gone with friends and with school groups. I know your concern and will say a prayer for your group.

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  4. Been to New Orleans. So yes, I pray for you. But envy you, also!

    The first (and only) time I won a poetry prize, I ran off to New Orleans to celebrate. Four hours away, yet I haven’t been back in years.

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